Vitamin D is essential during pregnancy for better IQ level of your child

Vitamin D is essential during pregnancy for better IQ level of your child

Study reveals that mothers’ vitamin D levels during pregnancy are associated with her child IQ in future. Make sure you’re getting enough Vitamin D through diet or sun exposure. Because lower levels of vitamin D may lead to a low IQ score of your child.

It can be tough for you to get a sufficient percentage of vitamin D through diet and sun exposure as you may have some other conditions. So, what is the solution? A good solution is to take a good vitamin D supplement. But, before consuming any supplement do consult with your doctor whom you trust.

Some other benefits of getting sufficient vitamin D:

  • It is good for healthy bones.
  • It reduces the risk of developing diabetes.
  • Fights with depression and changes your bad mood.
  • It helps in the absorption of minerals in your body.
  • It helps to reduce the blood pressure and relieves you from life’s daily stress.

These foods contain enough levels of vitamin D – fatty fish, some seafood, eggs, cow’s milk and breakfast grains. So, make sure that you are eating these foods and exposing to the sunlight.

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