Vizag Rape || Dumb girl on the mobile all day, father raped for months to punish!


#Vizag: The 15-year-old girl is busy with the phone all day. The father has been accused of raping his daughter day after day for that crime. Police arrested the accused father and produced him in court on Sunday, January 23. The judge ordered custody of the accused. The accused told the police that he did this out of extreme anger towards his daughter.

How did the crime come to light?

According to police sources, the girl had been suffering from panic for several days. I did not have a mind to study. She burst into tears when the schoolteacher asked her why. He said that his father had been treating him so badly day after day. After hearing the student’s words, the teacher called the accused person to the school. There, the girl’s father admitted his guilt. Later on Saturday, the teacher took the girl to the local police station and lodged a complaint. Police arrested the accused on the same day. The victim has been sent for medical examination.

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During the investigation, the police came to know that the accused had fallen ill with kidney failure two years ago. At that time, his wife donated a kidney to heal him. But the mother of the teenager fell ill five months ago. He has been at his father’s house ever since. He is undergoing treatment there. As a result, the father took care of the girl. According to the accused, the girl stays on her mobile phone all day long. That is why he became unbearable and engaged in hateful behavior with his daughter. The teenager claims that her father has done this to her more than once in the last few months.

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