Voter id linking to aadhaar will weed out duplicate voters issue former cec hs brahma says

New Delhi. government of the country Voters (Indian Voters) Of Voter ID Card to their Aadhar Card Working on a plan to connect with from the cabinet Bill (Voter ID to Aadhaar Link) had already been approved. Now this bill is to be introduced in the Lok Sabha on Monday. At the same time, former Chief Election Commissioner HS Brahma has spoken in this regard. He says that by linking Aadhaar with Voter ID card, the problem of a large number of fake voters in the country will be removed and the election database will be corrected. HS Brahma had first introduced the idea of ​​this scheme in 2012.

HS Brahma told News18 that he had proposed it in 2012 during his 2010-2015 tenure as the Chief Election Commissioner before becoming the Chief Election Commissioner. “This will ensure that there is no duplicate voter ID card and will help people when they want to shift the city and cast their vote there,” he said. I don’t think the issue of privacy is such a big problem that we can’t solve it. Precautions can be taken.

The Election Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2021 is set to be introduced in Parliament on Monday after the Cabinet cleared it last week. It proposes to amend the existing law to allow linking of voter ID card with Aadhaar data to prevent multiple enrollments of the same person at different locations. Linking of voter ID with Aadhaar is voluntary as the amendment bill says that if someone does not have an Aadhaar card, he will not be denied entry in the voter list.

Former Chief Election Commissioner Brahma said, ‘India has a problem of having a large number of fake voters. In 2012 I had proposed that we link Voter ID card with Aadhar card so that duplicate cards are removed. There are many people whose names appear in the voter list at different places. Like I am from Assam, I can have card in Delhi, I can have card in Telangana (since I belong to Andhra cadre). That’s why for the purpose of fixing the voter ID card database, I had said that it should be linked with the Aadhar card.

The former CEC also said that there should be a system that if one changes the city to live in, one can easily change his/her voter ID card as it is linked with Aadhaar. He said, ‘Imagine you are in Delhi and tomorrow you have been shifted to Bengaluru, then you will have problem in shifting voter ID card and for that you will have to apply again. A voter has to make a lot of efforts to get an identity card. He also told that out of 135 crore Indians, only 60 per cent voters were voters with Voter ID. But the base database is huge. “Aadhaar cards are applicable for people of all ages,” he said.

Activists have raised concerns about data privacy and misuse of electoral data regarding the proposal to link voter ID card with Aadhaar. However, Brahma said that this process had already started during his tenure. The former CEC said, ‘We can always take precautions, so that some information is not made public and remains secret. This can be done technically. You can keep some information encrypted. This small problem can be dealt with. It is not such a big problem that this country cannot solve.

Ajay Bhushan Pandey, former UIDAI chief, echoed similar views. Also, this move was termed as a victory for both the voter and the Election Commission.

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