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London: Every day strange things happen in the world Some incidents come to the fore, some are not known again Recently, in Lincolnshire, England, his girlfriend 7 made a strange accusation against her boyfriend He called 999, that is, the police, without any hesitation Her complaint, boyfriend is not romantic at all, she does not kiss him (Viral News)!

The police were also shocked at first when they got this kind of phone call, they could not understand what to do Boyfriend is not kissing, so what will the police do? He will not be imprisoned for that Police in Lincolnshire are under pressure to report that her boyfriend would not kiss her.

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According to her boyfriend, she was frustrated with why her boyfriend was not kissing her. Despite many explanations, nothing happened In the end, as the tolerance level exceeded, he informed the police directly Dial 999 number 8 The young woman was informed by the police, why her boyfriend is not kissing, she must also complain! By no means! The police did not want to take this ‘serious’ matter seriously.

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But this kind of madness of lovers is nothing new There are many such examples before Once in Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh, a woman approached the police directly to ask why her boyfriend was not talking.



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