What is the indication of separation given by Neel-Trina in the video?


#Kolkata: Neel-Trina is a popular Tollywood couple. Trina Saha and Neel Bhattacharya tied the knot earlier this year. Their love since childhood. Love from a good friend. Then get married. Although these two couples have not yet made a movie or serial together. But they hit the reel world. In fact, the couple is about to get married.

Although Trina Saha has teamed up with Kaushik on screen. The humming and courtesy pairing of the ‘Kharakuto’ series is a super hit. A few days ago, the pair came out of the mountains. The shooting of the serial is going on there. The whole team had a lot of fun. Meanwhile, Neel is busy with ‘Krishnakali’ and ‘Uma’ series. He is playing the lead role in both the series. However, Nikhil alias Neel is not being shown in ‘Krishnakali’ now. But both of them are very busy.

This couple (Neel-Trina) loves to go for a walk in the midst of all this busyness. The couple went to Goa a few days ago. They went there and made a reel video. There, Neel’s voice can be heard saying, “A little misunderstanding leads to distance.” Right after this, it is seen that Neel and Trina are arguing. After that, Trina gets angry and leaves. Neel also walks away. The speculation started as soon as this video came out.

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News spread like wildfire in the net world. But (Neel-Trina) will be the break-up of the blue grass? Yashraj Flims liked this video of Nil-Trina just when all these questions were circulating. Yashraj Flims liked this reel video. This time everyone understood that it was actually acting. They did this shoot just for the reel video. There is no break in love. This pair is great. But now the new speculation has started, but will this couple be seen in Bollywood this time? Will they tie the knot in Bollywood?

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