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#NewDelhi: A report by the Bengaluru-based Crypto Exchange shows that the trading volume of WazirX has crossed ৪ 43 billion in 2021. Also the most traded cryptocurrencies of 2021 are Bitcoin, Tether, Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, WazirX Token and Matic. The report from the Bangalore-based Crypto Exchange is titled “Highlights and Observations from 2021, the Year of Crypto.”

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WazirX conducts a survey on this cryptocurrency. The survey found that 10 per cent of the 44 per cent investment was made in the cryptocurrency market. Of these, the number of new female members has increased by about 1009 percent and the number of male members has increased by 729 percent. The report also states that women are trading Bitcoin in large quantities. On the other hand, men are trading more in Shiva Inu. According to a WazirX survey, 8% of WazirX users are under 35 years of age.

The cryptocurrency market in India is booming. 54% want to make a career in the cryptocurrency market. These include topics such as crypto space, entrepreneurship, finance and business development. According to WazirX’s Cryptocurrency Survey, cryptocurrency has become very popular in India in Tier-1 cities, such as small towns like Guwahati, Cornwall and Bareilly.

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In 2021, WazirX’s NFT marketplace creator is more than 972 and Mint 12,600 NFT. Of these, more than 526 have been sold from 262,696. Nischal Sethi, CEO of WazirX, says that many people are now embracing cryptocurrency as an alternative asset. The Indian government has started thinking about cryptocurrency. Through this it will be possible to make various agreements with other developed countries. Through cryptocurrency, India can compete with other developed countries in the world in the cryptocurrency market. If the government enacts proper policies and laws on cryptocurrency, then the Indian cryptocurrency market could be much stronger. Such cryptocurrencies can also help the Government of India’s self-reliant India project.


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