Work From Home: Working From Home? This time the salary can be reduced a lot, the new plan of the center


#NewDelhi: Doing work from home! That’s bad news for you. The Ministry of Labor is thinking of making a big change in the pay structure of the workers from the work. In this case, the staff may be asked, do they really want to work from home! If the answer is yes, then their salary may be affected.

Of course, not all professions have the opportunity to work from home. Especially those who do field work. However, in the Corona epidemic, many companies have given the facility to work from home to the workers. Work from home is still running in several organizations. However, most of the employees of those companies have not been paid yet. However, this time work-from-home workers may have to work for lower wages.

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According to an all-India media report, the Ministry of Labor may give the authority to reduce the wages of the workers who work from home. Having a work-from-home job has saved many employees the cost of office travel. In addition, many are able to return home from the big city to work. In that case, the cost of renting a house in a big city has also come down. And that is why the Ministry of Labor has started thinking of reducing the wages of the workers.

The ERA (Home Rent Allowance) may be reduced in the salary structure of the private sector. Because, now many workers do not have to rent a house in Metro City. They come to their village or muffsball and get the benefit of working from home. But in that case internet and electricity bills are increasing. Therefore, the companies are also thinking of increasing the reimbursement claim amount.

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Now the question is, whose salary can be reduced! Employees who live in Metro City may not be paid. In this case, all the workers who rent a house in the city, their ERA may be reduced, the report said.



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