Write a Letter to your Friend about your School Trip | Check Sample Letters

Write a Letter to your Friend about your School Trip: If you are searching for sample letters for the school trip then it this page you will get sample letter formats which are about expressing to your friend about your school trip. Keep these things remembered when writing this type of letter:

  • It’s not necessary to be formal when writing a letter to a friend. Keep it simple and simple to comprehend.
  • Make sure you write the “To” address of your friend at the top of the letter.
  • Begin the letter with Dear {friend’s name}, Hello {friend’s name} or something similar to these.
  • Give the essential tour details such as the location of your visit as well as the date and favourite things about the tour.
  • Ask your friends to send your regards to their parents.
  • End the letter by writing ” your friend” or ” yours lovingly” and then place “your name”.


Write a Letter to your Friend about your School Trip


5, Park Street Colony, Near Industrial Area, Kolkata – 700001.

Date: 30/08/2022

Dear Suranjana,

What are you doing? I hope you’re doing well back home. I’m back from my trip to school, and the first thing I wanted to do was share with you my journey and outstanding experiences. I would love to meet you personally, but it’s not possible to travel because of constraints and limitations from the state government. So I decided to write to you rather than wait for you to come to visit me. 

It was a totally different experience I didn’t expect. We arrived in Hyderabad on a Monday morning and were able to check into the hotel named Jupitar Land. The hotel was excellent and the weather was damp and cold. We went to the Charminar as well as The Golconda Fort on the very first day. We then visited Lumbini Park. It’s definitely a wonderful spot to relax. The huge clock made of various flowers was an eye-catching attraction. The fountain with music is a sight that everyone who visits Hyderabad should not miss. We were shopping at the Laad Bazaar. As soon as I entered the market I thought of you. It has everything we enjoy. We must definitely make plans and go to this spot. The day we spent there was enjoyable with a tour of Ramoji Film City and Snow World. We had a blast every minute there. But two of my buddies were swept off into the snow and got hurt seriously. The other was transported to the hospital when she became ill.

It was certainly an experience that will be remembered, however, I would like to take a trip with you just me and you. We should begin planning and plan it when the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

Looking forward to seeing you very early.

Yours lovingly,


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Write a Letter to your Friend about your School Trip

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Rajendra Prasad Sarani, Kolkata – 700026.
28 August 2022

Dear Jacky,

I’d like to share a wonderful moment with you. The last Sunday of our school’s schedule was for a visit to the Botanical Garden. Trust me when I say that our regular Sunday quickly turned into an unforgettable one. It was an unforgettable excursion and one to keep forever. I was able to see Nature at her best. It’s only 8 km from Kolkata. It is home to around 12000 living plants as well as millions of dried-out plant species from across the globe. The primary attraction at this Botanical Garden is the two-hundred-year-old Banyan tree. The most stunning moment I have seen in my life.

I am closing my letter here. If you come back I’ll definitely bring you to the place. I’m sure you’ll love it.

Your dear friend,


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