How to Change Bank Account in Zerodha?

Changes to bank account information are allowed for Zerodha account holders. Residential account holders can modify their bank account information online. It also takes 24-48 hours for the customer’s Demat account to map the new primary bank account after they have successfully saved their changes. In addition, after the new bank account is updated, the old bank account will become a secondary account.

Changing Bank Account in Zerodha – A Quick Process:

  • Log in to
  • Click on the Account.
  • Click on Bank.
  • Click on Modify bank account icon.
  • Enter the new account number and IFSC.
  • Accept the terms and conditions.
  • Click on Proceed to e-sign and then on Sign now.
  • Select the check box, enter the Aadhaar number and click on Send OTP.
  • Enter the OTP received on the mobile number and click on Verify OTP.

How to Change Bank Account in Zerodha?

Make sure your mobile phone is connected to your Aadhar number in order to change the bank account information. The account information must be updated offline by either a non-individual account holder (HUF, Corporate, or Partnership) or a consumer whose phone is not connected to their Aadhar. To check the new primary bank account, a test transfer is started.

If this verification is unsuccessful, an email is issued describing the failure, and the offline procedure should be used instead. If indeed the primary holder of the bank and credit accounts account is the same, clients can add a checking account as the primary bank account. To change their primary bank account, the following bank customers must follow the offline procedure and courier the required documents.

How to Change Bank Account in Zerodha?

  • First thing is to submit a letter which says about the account changing details in it.
  • Proof that is related to the bank account is a must.
  • Then visit the official website of the bank in the web browser and then download the required resources as well.
  • After visiting the page download the account modification form and then start filling it up
  • Now submit the form with the required documents to the bank and then wait for the bank to process it.

Additional details that have to be followed by the customers:

Three bank accounts at most may be added to trade with Zerodha. There is a principal account among them. The other accounts are auxiliary ones. If your Demat account is already linked to three bank accounts, you must ask to have one of those accounts removed in order to update a primary account.

Before seeking updates for a new primary bank account, submit a request to remove an existing bank account. It is also feasible for someone to link a joint account if they are the main account holder. Otherwise, one must follow the offline approach to change account information if they are a secondary holder of the joint bank account.

The documents submission process for changing bank account in Zerodha:

When submitting an offline account change request, one may attach one of the following documents as verification that a new bank account has been linked.

  • Personalized check cancellations The check leaf should have the owner’s name printed on it.
  • Self-attested bank statement providing information on the IFSC and MICR codes.
  • Self-attested bank statement from a passbook. The request is processed once the account adjustment form is successfully submitted together with the necessary justifications. After the modifications take effect in the Demat account, a confirmation email is therefore necessary.

More information about the account changing system

The following describes the new Coin app payment flow: According to the statement, payment can be made using UPI for orders under 2 lakh, through net banking for goods above 2 lakh, and through NEFT or RTGS for orders over 1 crore. According to the online brokerage firm’s FAQ, money for mutual fund purchases must be sent from the primary bank account associated with Zerodha to ICCL.

It also stated that money for redemptions would likewise be credited to the investor’s primary bank account. Additionally, there is a fee of Rs. 25 + GST for both online and offline amendment requests. Your ledger accounts are updated to reflect these costs.  Until recently, if an individual made a mutual fund investment, the money was automatically taken out of their trading account, exactly like with stocks.

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has mandated that the funds transfer from the investor’s bank account to the mutual fund house’s bank account since all transaction platforms supported by stock exchanges would put this into effect. The Securities and Exchange Board of India has mandated that the funds transfer from the investor’s bank account to the mutual fund house’s bank account since all transaction platforms supported by stock exchanges would put this into effect.

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